The Hive Day Program

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The Hive Day Program focuses on vocational and life skills for teens through adults with disabilities in a community setting. 

What makes our program unique?  We work on FUNCTIONAL skills. Our program goal is for all our participants to find meaning and purpose in every activity they accomplish. And to have fun! We aim to provide growth and opportunity after high school. We would like to see each participant be as independent as they can.

Monthly Field Trips

Getting out into the community is very important to us. We try to plan 1-2 community outings each month.  

Social Events 

We have social events with our participants and partner with other businesses or community members. 

Monthly Service Projects 

Each month, we will be picking a charity to give back. We will spend a month or two working with that charity. 

Community Guests

A different community member will teach our participants new skills, such as an art teacher, gardener, pottery maker, etc.  

Program Questions

We keep a 5:1 participants-to-staff ratio. The staff are trained professionals and have a background in occupational therapy, speech therapy, or special education. 

Feeding assistance is available when enough staff can accommodate. Although participants do not need to be independent with toileting, we are unable to accommodate changing. The enrollment process is a two-step process, we will schedule a time (in-person or virtual) to meet the staff, and a registration packet will need to be completed. Once enrollment is complete, your child can begin attending the program. 

The cost is $50 for EACH session per day or $100 for the entire day. 

There will not be a refund for absences or cancellations. If we cancel the program (due to weather), there will be a refund for that day. If you are signed up for 3 or more days a week and go on vacation, you will be charged 50% of your weekly fee. Payments are due on the 10th of every month. 

A 3% service charge for any credit or debit card payments will be added. This fee is waived if you pay by check, cash, Venmo, or Zelle. If payment is not made on time, a late fee of $25 will be assessed. For NSF checks, a $30 fee will be charged. 

Our sessions 

Both sessions will focus on vocational, life, and community skills as well as leisure and social activities.

The available sessions are:

Monday- Thursday:

  • 9 am - 12 pm (half day)
  • 12 pm - 3 pm (half day)
  • Full Day 9 am -3 pm


  • 9 am -12 pm only 

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