Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapy is a holistic service that offers support in many different areas. At its core, occupational therapy helps people become more independent and fulfilled in their life. Our staff focuses on helping people become more independent and fulfilled through functional activities. When working with teens and young adults, we focus on the following skills:

  • Self-help skills
    • Basic skills needed to take care of oneself, such as dressing, grooming, or bathing. These can also be higher-level skills such as navigating public transit, making purchases, and managing a schedule. You may also hear these referred to as life skills.
  • Transition services
    • Skills enable an adolescent to prepare for college or life after high school.
  • Executive function
    • Skills such as task completion, organization, and task initiation that help teens complete schoolwork, chores, and other important tasks.
  • Regulation
    • Skills such as emotional and sensory regulation allow a teen to complete daily activities without becoming overwhelmed, upset, or frustrated.
  • Vocational skills
    • Skills that support acquiring, completing, and thriving in a job or career.
  • Written expression
    • Skills such as handwriting or typing enable a teen to complete written work or communicate.
  • Fine, gross, and visual motor skills
    • Skills that allow an adolescent to interact with their world, such as opening packages, managing books and materials, or navigating uneven terrain.
  • Adaptive equipment and positioning
    • Finding the positions or equipment, such as standers or wheelchairs, that enable an individual to be successful in school and work environments.
  • Assistive Technology
    • Finding software or devices to enable an individual with a disability to participate more successfully in their daily activities.
  • Referrals to other agencies
    • There are many other agencies that your child may benefit from as they transition into young adulthood. We’re happy to help connect you with these agencies and navigate the system.

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