Speech Therapy

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At Bee You Therapy, we offer high-quality speech services for teens and adults with disabilities. Our team of experienced speech pathologists specializes in providing individualized and group therapy to help clients achieve their communication goals.

Individualized Speech Services:

Our individualized speech services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our speech pathologists work closely with clients and their families to develop personalized treatment plans that address their specific communication challenges.

The benefits of individualized services include personalized attention from a speech pathologist, evidence-based therapy approaches, and customized treatment plans that are designed to maximize progress and ensure that clients achieve their communication goals.

Group Speech Services:

In addition to individualized services, we also offer group speech services for teens and adults with disabilities. Group therapy provides opportunities for socialization and peer support, while also addressing specific communication goals. Some examples of groups that we offer include:

  • Conversation groups
  • Social skills groups

Benefits of group therapy include increased opportunities for social interaction and peer support, as well as the ability to practice communication skills in a group setting.

We understand that finding appropriate speech services for a loved one with a disability can be a challenge. Parents may also be concerned about their loved one's ability to communicate effectively. Our speech services can help address the following:

  • Receptive Language Skills 
    • These skills may include following directions and understanding various questions that aid in one’s ability to participate in conversations and activities. 
  • Expressive Language Skills
    • Skills such as answering questions appropriately; using words/phrases and sentences to express thoughts, needs, desires, and emotions; using correct grammar in order to help teens communicate more effectively with others.
  • Articulation
    • Use of clearly producing speech sounds or clearly producing functional phrases so others can clearly understand what is being said.
  • Pragmatic Language Skills (Social Skills)
    • Skills including using appropriate non-verbal communication skills (eye     contact, using appropriate body language, reading facial expressions, understanding a communication partner’s tone of voice, ‘reading’ social     scenarios correctly) and verbal communication (appropriately initiating and exiting conversations, maintaining a conversation with comments and questions, asking appropriate questions in social situations, using appropriate tone of voice) and much more. 
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication-
    • Finding and using alternative modes of communication such as phones, communication devices or applications, picture books, and others to enable someone with decreased expressive language skills or articulation to communicate with others and participate with the public effectively. 
  • Executive Functioning
    • Skills such as organization and problem-solving that help teens complete schoolwork, participate in social gatherings, cook, and participate in tasks at home. 
  • Fluency (stuttering)
    • Decreasing disfluencies in order to gain confidence to communicate with others.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our speech pathologists and learn more about how we can help your loved one improve their communication skills.