Providing opportunities for a better future

Worried about your teen or adult child with disabilities living with you for the rest of your life? 

Unsure what the future holds for them? 

Frustrated that support and services end as soon as high school is over? 

Does it feel like your child lacks the motivation to take action and get things done? 

And let’s not even get started on organizational or life skills…

You are not alone! Many teens and young adults experience difficulties that impact their ability to stay organized and care for themselves. And as parents, it can be overwhelming to think about the next steps after high school - especially if your teen has an extra challenge like ADHD or autism. Unfortunately, finding the right professionals to address these needs can be even harder when many services are aimed at younger children.

Does this sound all too familiar? Life passes so quickly. Sometimes it can feel like there will be a time in the future to work on important skills like self-help, organization, and independence. But before you know it, you’re staring down the barrel of life after high school graduation.

We’ve been there. That’s why we have created a system to help teens and adults with these challenges transition to that next part of life - whether that looks like college, work, or possibly a day program. Life after high school doesn’t have to feel scary and unknown. We are ready to help your teen and young adult become more disciplined, well-adjusted, and self-sufficient.

Book a free consultation now, and let us prepare your child for the future today.

We offer home and community-based occupational therapy services and speech and language services in the Mokena, Illinois area, including exciting real-world learning opportunities with our local community. We also offer a day program for those unable to hold a job and looking for weekly community involvement. 

Our adult day program, The Revelation Program, provides a safe and welcoming environment where individuals with disabilities can socialize, learn new functional skills, and participate in engaging activities. From exercise classes to community outings, our day program offers a variety of opportunities for growth and development.

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What our clients have to say

"Our family was so happy to be connected to Bee You Therapy. Our daughter began services at home in October and was excited about the progress she has made. The owner is amazing and has been a great resource for navigating our daughter's continuum of education through the school system. Our Occupational Therapist is very knowledgeable and our daughter looks forward to her sessions each week."

Gina L. Lemont, IL

"Lauren helped my son learn more about himself and gave my son the confidence he needed to persevere and work through challenging situations. She is always coming up with new ideas and constantly striving to help my son acquire the skills he needs to become as independent as possible."

Amy S. Chicago, Il

" Lauren worked with both of my sons for years. She is wonderful and my boys loved her. She is patient, kind and you can tell she loves doing what she does. She explained how to help my children at home as well."

Colleen O. Midlothian, IL

"My (adult-aged) son now says, “I’m learning to be a grown-up.” That understanding and desire are the motivation for his success and independence. Bee You Therapy has helped develop new skills and build upon existing skills right in our home. The therapists are not only kind and patient, but great at listening-always willing to help problem solve, answer questions and provide explanations. In the past six months, much has been learned and gains have been made. SO very grateful to have Bee You Therapy in our community, and servicing our adolescents and adults!"

Jan R. Frankfort, IL

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