6 Benefits for In-Home Occupational Therapy Services

  When someone hears OT in the home, they most likely are thinking about early intervention services (birth-3). Well...we are here to tell you that here at Bee You Therapy, we provide in-home therapy for PRE-TEENS through ADULTS. Why? It is because we see the most benefits and improvements from our clients within their "natural environment." Our clients make greater progress and achieve their goals faster within their home or community than they do in a clinic setting. Why? Let's be honest...not much progress is made within a clinic setting when it comes to a client who is 10+ years old. Why? It is because clinics are not an appropriate environment for old kids to achieve their goals and according to the 10-year-old, "it's not cool anymore." Why? This is because they aren't able to address the root of the problem and the carry-over from clinic to home is very limited. Within the clinic, clients will often stop making progress or are being discharged from the clinic because they don't have any other "things" to work on. Clinics are often not equipped to address the functional needs of older kids. Why? The clinic is not an appropriate space to treat this age group. Client's need to have hands-on experiences from objects they use EVERY day. Why use a kitchen in a clinic setting when their cups are higher in a cabinet or their dishwasher has different buttons than the one at home. When we are treating our clients in their home, we are using the items our clients encounter EVERY day. We have noticed 6 benefits of occupational therapy services within the home setting. 1. Natural Environment. There is more successful when our clients are within an environment that is familiar to them and that will allow for them to be more independent. 2. Hands-on Experience. The BEST part is that we use THEIR tools and materials. We are not bringing in "stuff" because when we are done with our session, we want them to continue to practice by using the items they have at home. 3. Carry-over. Since we are using their everyday things during our sessions, carry-over with practice and implementation into their daily lives increases. 4. Functional Treatment Planning. All of our treatment planning is functional and purposeful as our treatment takes place within their home. 5. Reduces Stress. When clients age within a pediatric clinic, their stress levels increase because they are “around” babies. Teens or young adults do not see the same age peers when in the clinic setting. This often leads to increase stress during their session which limits their potential and growth. 6. Improves Self-Esteem. When a client is able to complete a functional task on their own and does it successfully within their routine….it increases their self-esteem. Home therapy does not only have to be for the early intervention population. As you can see it is beneficial for the older kid group as well! Occupational therapy services should be a continuum of service and not just end at a clinic. By providing services within a client's home, we are providing greater independence and growth.